• Breast augmentation at The Private Clinic Birmingham

Breast augmentation at The Private Clinic Birmingham

Linda from Birmingham had wanted a breast augmentation for many years. Finally, plucking up the courage, she met Steve at The Private Clinic Birmingham who put her at ease and answered all her queries. A consultation with her surgeon Mr Kenneth Kok then provided her with all the details about the procedure and a summary of the risks involved. At no point did Linda feel that Mr Kok was pushing her into having the procedure, on the contrary he suggested that she take the time to think it through, which made her feel that she could trust him.

Fully informed and with her mind at rest, Linda went ahead with the procedure and is really happy with the results. Linda said, "The clinic were there for me every step of the way and Steve even rang on the day of the operation to check that I was okay. Mr Kok's team, the anaesthetist included, were really kind and very professional. My thanks to everyone."

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