Young women 'consider cosmetic surgery'

Younger generations are becoming increasingly accepting of cosmetic surgery, according to a recent survey.

Research conducted by Girlguiding UK revealed that half of all 16 to 21-year-old girls would consider cosmetic surgery as an option to make positive changes to their appearance.

Denise King, chief executive of Girlguiding UK, said that it was important for young women to maintain a balanced approach to life.

"The pressures of modern society inevitably lead girls to pin their sense of self-worth on their appearance unless they are given other reasons to feel good about themselves, whether that is developing an interest or skill, having good relationships with friends and family or enjoying school," she said.

A study from The Good Surgeon Guide recently revealed that cosmetic surgery is more likely to be considered an option by women than men.

The survey found that 78 per cent of women would choose to lose weight by undergoing surgery rather than exercising.

An "immediate" effect and "great results" were cited as the reasons for their choice.

A total of 52 per cent of men, however, claimed that they would rather lose any extra pounds through exercise.


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Young women 'consider cosmetic surgery'
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