Young stars 'undergoing cosmetic surgery'

Young Hollywood stars are still choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery, it has been revealed.

Although treatments are often most popular with people trying to look younger, a significant number of stars are opting for treatments while still under the age of 30, Peace FM Online revealed.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr Richard Fleming told the news source that many youngsters in Hollywood are choosing to have cosmetic surgery in order to boost their career prospects.

Among those people who have opted for cosmetic surgery are singer Ashlee Simpson.

The 26-year-old said: "I believe if somebody chooses to do plastic surgery, it [should be] for yourself, not for anyone else.

"Everybody always has an opinion … one minute they'll love you, one minute they'll hate you."

She added that the important thing is "to feel good about yourself".

Dr Fleming noted: "The primary reason that people choose surgery is to help maintain a career where your looks are an important signature as to how you are perceived by the fans and general public."


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Young stars 'undergoing cosmetic surgery'
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