Young children in need of obesity treatment to avoid depression

The importance of obesity treatment has been highlighted by a recent study, which reveals the negative experiences of overweight children.

According to researchers at the University of Missouri, obese youngsters are lonelier and have a greater tendency to develop depression and anxiety issues.

Using the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Kindergarten Cohort (ECLS-K), researchers examined the development of 8,000 schoolchildren.

The study looked at the age that children became overweight and the length of time they remained obese.

Sara Gable, associate professor of human development and family studies in the MU College of Human Environmental Sciences, commented: "Overweight is widely considered a stigmatizing condition and overweight individuals are typically blamed for their situation. The experience of being stigmatized often leads to negative feelings, even in children."

According to the BBC, 27 per cent of children in the UK are overweight.


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Young children in need of obesity treatment to avoid depression
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