Women 'more likely to seek cancer screening'

A recent survey has revealed that women are more likely to seek screening for skin cancer.

Published in the Archives of Dermatology, the study revealed that women who were undergoing skin cancer screenings were more likely to seek out the tests due to a skin lesion, a family history of skin cancer or concerns regarding sun exposure.

However, men aged 50 and above, were found to mostly attend a screening if they have experienced a previous diagnosis of skin cancer.

Nina Goad, spokesperson for the British Association of Dermatologists, said that people should "aim to check all of their skin at least once a month".

She added: "If you do have any concerns about changes to your skin it is best to visit your doctor and get it checked out."

Changes to be aware of include differences in moles, patches appearing on the skin or a wound or scab that won't fully heal, Ms Goad said.


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Women 'more likely to seek cancer screening'
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