Walking 'can help beat cancer treatment fatigue'

The fatigue experienced by a patient after cancer treatment can be alleviated if they try to embark on a regular walking programme.

A new study by scientists working at the University School of Nursing, Philadelphia found that pancreatic cancer patients who walked after their treatment had more energy than those who remained sedentary.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 96 per cent of cancer sufferers experience fatigue after treatment and the problem has become so common that people tend not to think of it as an issue.

"But this is not the normal 'I-stayed-up-too-late' fatigue. It's really being exhausted and it doesn't go away with sleep," said the report's lead author Dr Theresa Yeo.

She explained that the tiredness had the potential to ruin people's lives, as it seriously affected everyday activities such as getting dressed and going to the bathroom.

It can even lead to problems with anxiety and depression, added Dr Yeo.



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Walking 'can help beat cancer treatment fatigue'
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