Venous leg ulcer treatment discussed in Parliament

December 11, 2018

Last week, patients and representatives from The Whiteley Clinic attended the Vascular and Venous All-Party Parliamentary Group in Westminster. Chaired by Derek Thomas, Member of Parliament for St Ives, this group took evidence about the treatment of venous disease in the UK

Janet Cassie and James Turpin, patients of The Whiteley Clinic gave oral evidence. Both had suffered from venous leg ulcers for several years until they had found The Whiteley Clinic. Janet and James had been cured by endovenous surgery under local anaesthetic by following The Whiteley Protocol.

Both are now suing their previous doctors and nurses for not telling them that there was a cure available.

Their stories are told in the book “Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution“.

Leg ulcer treatment and cure

Mr Barrie Price, consultant venous surgeon and trustee of The Leg Ulcer Charity, and Ms Susan Ostler, Lead Leg Ulcer Nurse at The Whiteley Clinic, accompanied them. Both were able to give evidence as well.

Finally, Mr Derek Thomas MP was given a copy of the book, Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution.

He has now been informed, by this book, how the NHS could save £2-3 billion pounds per year on unnecessary dressings for leg ulcers.

In addition, this book will informed him how most patients with venous leg ulcers could be cured, if only they were sent to venous surgeons who specialise in venous surgery. This is a different speciality from vascular surgery. Vascular surgeons specialise in arteries surgery – a very different field.

How to cure venous leg ulcers

Although most patients only get offered dressings and compression bandages, it is now possible to permanently cure venous leg ulcers.

This is explained in the book “Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution“.

Leg Ulcer Treatment Revolution – by Prof Mark Whiteley

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