Unhealthy lifestyles 'contributing to cancer'

Many Britons are having to undergo cancer treatment as a result of living unhealthy lifestyles, experts have warned.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), cases of the disease can often be linked with alcohol intake and obesity.

Professor Martin Wiseman, the group's medical and scientific advisor, said this means lots of instances of cancer "could have been prevented".

He described lifestyle-related diseases as one of the "biggest challenges" the world is currently facing, particularly as many people are unaware that their habits are creating health problems.

"From television advertising to the pricing of food, our society works in a way that discourages healthy habits," Professor Wiseman commented.

According to estimates from the WCRF, about 2.8 million cancer cases that are diagnosed around the world every year are connected with lifestyle factors such as physical activity and diet.

NHS figures indicate that over one-third of Britons are likely to develop cancer at some point in their lives.


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Unhealthy lifestyles 'contributing to cancer'
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