UK-acquired HIV rates 'nearly doubled over decade'

The last decade has seen the number of cases of HIV acquired in the UK almost double.

Indeed, new diagnoses for people infected with the condition have risen from 1,950 in 2001 to 3,780 in 2010.

The data, compiled by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), said that healthcare costs of some £32 million a year could have been saved if the new cases acquired last year could have been prevented.

Dr Valerie Delpech, head of HIV surveillance at the HPA, commented: "HIV is an extremely serious infection. There are excellent treatment options available nowadays but these are only at their most effective if the infection is diagnosed early, before symptoms appear.

"This is a challenge as most individuals will not be aware of their infection until they get tested for HIV. Testing for the infection must be increased in order to catch the infection as early as possible."

Men who have sex with men are still the group most at risk of becoming infected with HIV in the UK, with new diagnoses rising by 70 per cent over the past ten years.



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UK-acquired HIV rates 'nearly doubled over decade'
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