Thousands of HIV positive people 'unaware of infection'

Recent figures have suggested that thousands of people who are HIV positive are actually unaware that they are infected.

Compiled by the Health Protection Agency, the data shows that an estimated 22,500 people in the UK are living with the infection without knowing it.

There are thought to be 86,500 people in the country with the disease, including those who are unaware.

Jason Warriner, clinical director of the Terrence Higgins Trust, urged people to “have regular sexual health screening and HIV testing”.

However, he added that the country needs to have a rethink regarding the way in which it approaches sexually transmitted infections.

Mr Warriner remarked: “We know there are certain groups in society that are at a higher risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, but what we actually need to do is have a campaign that meets the needs of everybody, whether it is a young person or somebody in their 50s or 60s.”

The Family Planning Association reported earlier this year that there has been a rise in sexually transmitted infections among men and women aged over 50.


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Thousands of HIV positive people 'unaware of infection'
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