Tesco dental insurance favourite smile

In a survey conducted by Tesco Dental Insurance, Kylie Minogue is the owner of the nation’s favourite smile.

Jack Nicholson finishes last, respondents perhaps failing to recall his famous smile as the Joker in, “Batman” and an obsessive compulsive in, “As Good as it Gets”.

The X factor’s “Mr Nasty”, despite having blindingly perfect pearly whites, finishes in 12th place, only just above Princess Anne.

Tesco tips on keeping your smile bright include regular check-ups at the dentist and brushing regularly, both being supported by responses in the survey; participants saying the most important element to maintaining healthy teeth is to have regular dental check-ups followed closely by brushing teeth more regularly.

The order of favourite smiles:

Kylie Minogue
Kelly Brook
Liz Hurley
Natalie Portman
Serena Williams
Julia Roberts
Martine McCutcheon
George Clooney
Eddie Murphy
Simon Cowell
Princess Anne
Jack Nicholson

Tesco Personal Finance has teamed up with AXA PPP healthcare to offer the dental insurance products.

NHS dental treatment in England and Wales is charged in three bands regardless of whether you have one visit to your dentist, or a whole course of treatment.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, dentists charge per item and patients are expected to pay 80% of treatment up to a maximum limit (£372 in Scotland and £384 in Northern Ireland).


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Tesco dental insurance favourite smile
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