Synthetic bone material improves dental implants

A study has revealed that coating dental implants with a synthetic bone material called Bonelike helps the implant to attach to the jaw.

Traditionally, many dental and medical implants have been made from titanium, a material that is biologically inert.

This means that it does not trigger an unwanted reaction from the immune system, but it also means that it does not prompt new bone and blood vessel growth around the implant.

Researchers from the Biomedical Engineering Institute in Portugal have now trialled a synthetic bone material that can be used to coat the surface of dental implants.

A total of 27 implants were placed into patients and x-rays were taken to determine the extent of new bone growth in the surrounding regions.

The researchers revealed: "The Bonelike-coated dental implants proved to be highly bioactive with extensive new bone formation and attachment."

The findings are due to be published in the International Journal of Nanomanufacturing.


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Synthetic bone material improves dental implants
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