Surgery 'offers best chance to cure lung cancer'

Surgery has proved to be one of the most effective forms of cancer treatment for patients suffering with tumours in the lungs.

New research from the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) and King's College London analysed data from 77,349 people who were diagnosed with the disease between 2004 and 2006.

Scientists found that in geographical areas which used surgery to combat the disease, the survival rate was higher than in those relying on other treatment methods.

Dr Mick Peake, the co-author and clinical lead at the NCIN, said surgery has the potential to help save and extend lives.

"For the majority of lung cancer patients, surgery is the only way to give them a chance of being cured," he added.

According to the latest figures from Cancer Research UK, there are around 112 new incidences of lung cancer each day in the UK and of these eight out of ten are diagnosed in people over the age of 60.


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Surgery 'offers best chance to cure lung cancer'
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