Surgeons perform single-incision lap-band surgery

Surgeons in Texas have performed a single-incision lap-band surgery which could represent the future of obesity surgery.

Traditional gastric band surgery is carried out using five incisions through which the band is inserted and fitted around the stomach.

However, the latest obesity surgery advance, which took two-and-a-half hours to perform, requires just one eight-centimetre incision, which carries the joint benefits of reducing scarring and accelerating the healing process.

Dr Daniel Scott, associate professor of surgery and director of the Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Centre, said that there is currently a "revolution" in minimally-invasive surgery.

"The theory behind this, not yet proven, is that fewer scars are better cosmetically and for pain control. The pain may be less because you alleviate additional cuts, and therefore the recovery may be hastened," the surgeon explained.

Dr Scott added that single-incision laparoscopic surgery could provide a compromise between convention surgery with multiple incisions and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery, or 'Notes', which avoids incisions altogether by entering through an existing orifice such as the mouth or colon.


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Surgeons perform single-incision lap-band surgery
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