Sunbeds 'only have negative health impacts'

Many young people who use sunbeds are more likely to need skin cancer treatment in the future.

Sunbeds are classed as a grade 1 carcinogen as they are not just associated with cancer but actually cause it, said Kimberly Carter of the British Association of Dermatologists.

Ms Carter highlighted scientific research from the International Agency for Cancer Research which found people under the age of 35 who used sunbeds increased their risk of developing skin cancer by 75 per cent.

"The dangers of sunbed use for young people in particular have not been publicised enough," she stated.

She called on tanning salons to do more to make the risks of sunbed usage clearer to their customers.

Some salons even advertise the health benefits of sunbeds and these claims, which are very debatable, should not be promoted, Ms Carter added.

Research from the National Cancer Action Team revealed that 250,000 children between the age of 11 and 17 use sunbeds.


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Sunbeds 'only have negative health impacts'
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