Study claims 'walnuts reduce cancerous tumours'

A study conducted in the US has revealed that eating walnuts could reduce the effect of prostate cancer.

The research was carried out by the US Department of Agriculture Western Regional Research Centre by looking at a group of mice genetically programmed to develop the cancer.

Led by nutritionist Paul Davis, the study found that tumours did not grow as quickly when walnuts were introduced as part of the mice's diet.

Mr Davis commented: "This study shows that when mice with prostate tumours consume an amount of walnuts that could easily be eaten by a man, tumour growth is controlled.

"This leaves me very hopeful that it could be beneficial in patients."

After 18 weeks the mice which had eaten the walnuts had significantly slower-growing prostate tumours when compared to mice which were fed an equal amount of fat from alternative sources.

The change in diet may have been particularly effective in treating prostate cancer because the disease is particularly sensitive to environmental factors.


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Study claims 'walnuts reduce cancerous tumours'
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