Spire Healthcare announces acquisition of Lifescan

Spire Healthcare, the private hospital group, has today announced the acquisition of Lifescan Ltd, the UK’s leading independent provider of CT health checks. The investment by Spire will help to diversify the company’s services and increase patient volumes. The deal has been valued at £1.365m.

Lifescan checks for three of the main causes for death in the UK: heart disease, colon cancer, and lung cancer, and has a number of large clients including Tesco, Microsoft, Virgin, Saga and Bupa Wellness. The company already operates within 12 Spire hospitals and has two stand alone centres, near the Spire Manchester and Clare Park hospitals.

Rob Roger, Chief Executive Officer of Spire Healthcare, says: “This is a great acquisition that will result in an increase in the number of patients being referred to Spire hospitals for follow-up care. Because Lifescan already operates out of our hospitals it was a very natural progression and we are looking at opportunities to develop the service further."

“Spire’s acquisition of Lifescan is undoubtedly the start of an exciting new phase in the development of our company,” said Dr John Giles, co-founder of Lifescan Ltd. “The addition of Lifescan’s services to Spire’s offering will provide greater access to important screening facilities for a larger number of patients.

“In addition, patients who are referred into Spire’s hospitals for any diagnosed problems will be provided with a comprehensive, fast and efficient service from diagnosis through to treatment.”

Lifescan’s services are provided within strict guidelines, approved by the Department of Health, and they were recently registered with the Care Quality Commission. Lifescan will continue to be run by its current management team.


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Spire Healthcare announces acquisition of Lifescan
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