Smartphones increase facial lines

Checking into your mobile phone for texts, emails and Facebook updates has become part of daily life. Blackberrys and iPhones keep you in constant touch with friends, work and the world outside and are considered an essential item by millions. If you tweet or facebook, you could be checking in 20 or more times per day.

However, squinting at phones while you are on the move has led to signs of premature ageing. Those hours spent scrunching up your eyes to focus on the small screens or see a message against the sun are starting to take their toll and non-surgical cosmetic practitioners are reporting an increase in fine lines around the eyes and between the brows.

Try it yourself, you probably have a phone handy.  The natural tendency is to squint as you focus on the screen which causes tension around the eye and brow area. 

Treatments like BOTOX offer a practical solution.  BOTOX wrinkle-relaxing injections reduce the fine lines.  Although the “frozen” look has been seen in the media, BOTOX can look very natural when practised by an expert.

David Ross, CEO, said “It is unsurprising that squinting at phones is causing premature lines – it’s just another aspect of modern life.  However, there’s no need to just put up with it.  We have noticed an increase in enquiries for anti-ageing treatments this year, with BOTOX enquiries up by 44%.  However, our fastest growing area non-surgically is chemical peel – enquiries for this procedure are actually more than double a year ago.  This treatment is a deep exfoliation which softens fine lines and refrshes the complexion. 

The Hospital Group offers anti-ageing treatments in an expanding network of clinics around the country, offering convenient and confidential treatment for our patients.  We are investing massively in our clinic network to make it both comfortable and accessible to make the experience great for our patients.”



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Smartphones increase facial lines
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