Skin health 'is dependant on many factors'

A cosmetic dermatology expert has stated that skincare should change throughout the year to keep the skin in its best condition and avoid hazards that could increase the likelihood of the patient needing skin cancer treatment.

Dr Helen Robertshaw, who specialises in skin surgery, said the health of a patient's skin is affected by hormonal changes, their general health and external factors such as the weather and environment.

People should tailor their skincare regime to their individual needs and react to any deterioration, she added.

The expert particularly stressed the importance of a good quality sunscreen to help patients reduce the risk of them developing skin cancer.

She advised people to wear a product with SPF 50 and one that best suits their skin type.

According to Cancer Research UK, an alteration in the size, shape or colour of an existing mole is the most common indictor of skin cancer.


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Skin health 'is dependant on many factors'
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