Singapore offers discounts for treatments

Singapore is promoting itself as a medical tourism location by offering a ten per cent discount on a range of treatments for delegates visiting the country this week.

Visitors who are attending the IMF and World Bank meeting this week, along with their spouses, are invited to purchase discounted botox injections and other beauty treatments at the Raffles Hospital during their stay.

As many as 16,000 people could benefit from the special offer, which includes "aesthetic services" such as non-surgical face-lifts, laser hair reduction and botox injections, as well as health screening, Reuters news agency reports.

A hospital spokeswoman said that the offer was part of the nation's drive to promote itself as a destination for beauty and medical treatment abroad.

Around 200,000 foreigners visit Singapore each year in order to seek medical treatment.

"A lot of the delegates come from first-world countries such as Europe and the United States, where such treatments can be very expensive," the spokeswoman told Reuters.

The special offer will no doubt give them an added incentive to refresh their looks while visiting Singapore, with the discount taking a sizeable chunk off the price of treatments that are already much cheaper than in many of their home countries.


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Singapore offers discounts for treatments
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