Simplyhealth can be bothered

Simplyhealth will be unveiling its exciting new brand this month. Evidencing a core truth about the company, the new brand highlights what makes the company different under the positioning of "we can be bothered".

This fully integrated campaign depicts the Simplyhealth world, where everyone touched by the company is happy, healthy and takes the time to be bothered about each other.

The launch is a culmination of a year long transition period, where the six brands within the group have all come together under one brand, Simplyhealth. Previously known as HSA, BCWA, HealthSure, LHF and Totally Active, this will be the first time that the health plan and mobility aids provider has advertised on television as Simplyhealth, rather than HSA.

The positioning, together with the creative work, has been developed with Simplyhealth's new creative agency, MWO who were appointed in July following a pitch.

Tim Mortimer, Managing Director of MWO says: "It's fantastic working with a company like Simplyhealth. The more we worked with them the more we realised that it is the people and the culture of the company that makes them different. Not only do they try to make people feel better with every contact they have on their health journey, they get involved with their communities through voluntary and charity work. The people really are the company's unique selling point."

Clare Lee, Head of Brand Development, says "This is a very exciting time for Simplyhealth. The new campaign developed by MWO really captures what makes us unique as a company and, because it's based on a truth. We are more than just a provider of dental plans or private health insurance. We are bothered about people, and we take the time to do the right thing, and not the easy thing. This positioning is going to provide the foundation of everything we do for a long time to come."

The campaign is fully integrated and will be featured across all marketing activity. The initial media will focus on a national campaign on TV, with two new executions, sponsorship of Doc Martin on Sunday nights and a national 48 sheet campaign running up until Christmas. For further information about Simplyhealth visit



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Simplyhealth can be bothered
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