Simplicity is key to making family life special

Homes may be brimming with gizmos and gadgets, but it is bedtime stories and Sunday dinners that make family life special.

According to a new study of more than 2000 families carried out by life insurer Aviva, old school traditions are still at the heart of family life, with board games (54%) and sing-a-longs in the car (61%), playing an active part for the majority of families.

The insurer found that the typical family:

  • Sits down to a family meal every weekend
  • Only 16% of children willingly help with the washing up
  • Mums and dads drive their children to 11play-dates, clubs and parties a month
  • Those with young children spend an average of 100 minutes a week reading bedtime stories

The survey was carried out to support a new initiative to raise awareness of the need to insure to protect the family. Aviva’s advertisement to raise awareness of the importance of family protection, featuring Paul Whitehouse can be seen on television.


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Simplicity is key to making family life special
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