Scottish cancer rates 'differ by gender'

Scotland has seen incidences of cancer increase among women while they are decreasing among men.

The latest figures from isd Scotland showed that the age-standardised incidence rate for cancers in men has fallen by six per cent over the course of the last decade.

Meanwhile, the data for women showed that the incidence rate had risen by four per cent over the same time period.

The figures translate to approximately 13,500 diagnoses of cancer among men in around 15,000 in women during 2008.

Lung cancer was found to be the most common cancer in both genders, although it was found to be in decline among men.

The incidence rate among males had fallen by 18 per cent over the ten year-period and risen by 16 per cent among women.

Isd suggested that this "to a large extent, these trends reflect historic trends in the prevalence of smoking, which have differed between men and women".


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Scottish cancer rates 'differ by gender'
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