Scotland plans to regulate private ambulances

Private ambulance providers in Scotland are to be regulated by the Care Commission, according to the Herald.

In a letter to Scottish National Party MSP Sandra White, public health minister Shona Robison revealed that a consultation carried out by the previous Holyrood administration had uncovered widespread support for independent ambulance services to be regulated.

Ms White welcomed the minister's confirmation that the Scottish government is considering regulation.

She told the Herald: "Independent ambulances offer a valuable service but it is important that they and those working in them are subject to the same regulation as other care services.

"Independent ambulances should be added to the list of care services regulated by the Care Commission."

Private ambulances provide a range of services, including covering major sports events and festivals and transporting patients to and from hospital.

For instance, the Harley Street Ambulance Service provides both emergency and non-emergency services using its fleet of fully equipped vehicles.


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Scotland plans to regulate private ambulances
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