Researchers plot new skin cancer treatment

Major developments in skin cancer treatment are being made at Mayo Clinic in the US, as researchers look to build a new melanoma vaccine.

The centre has announced experts have managed to train the immune systems of mice to remove all signs of skin cancer.

A mixture of human DNA and a relation of the rabies virus has been concocted in order to trigger the positive result.

"We believe that this new technique will help us to identify a whole new set of genes that encode antigens that are important in stimulating the immune system to reject cancer," explained Richard Vile, a researcher at the clinic's Department of Molecular Medicine and a co-author of a study on the subject.

Progress with skin cancer comes just days after Cancer Research UK warned people to be more aware of the threat posed by oral cancer.

But Mr Vile said there are advances to be made if experts are able to combine several proteins in a bid to create the perfect vaccine



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Researchers plot new skin cancer treatment
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