Questor launches LifeStyle-Excess Insurance

Questor Insurance Services, the Internet broker, has launched LifeStyle-Excess Insurance.

The new policy aims to give reassurance to customers who may need to claims on policies with high excesses, by insuring the excess.

The cover is available for health and travel insurance.

According to Questor’s chief executive, Andrew Lawrence, the new product should allow consumers to take advantage of the lower premiums available with a high excess, without the worry of having to pay the excess in the event of a claim.

Mr Lawrence also recommends LifeStyle-Excess as a back up to insurance products that have multiple excesses, or per person excesses such as travel insurance.

Questor is confident of strong demand up of its new offering as research to develop the product indicated that 88.1% of people thought it was a good idea. Over 54% were enthusiastic enough to say they would purchase the cover immediately.

Features included in LifeStyle-Excess as a result of the research include cover for partners’ policies in the case of travel and health insurance.

Customers can claim as many times as needed, up to the level of cover purchased. The four levels of aggregate cover are priced at £250, £500, £1,000 and £2,000.

Customers must be resident in the UK and aged at least 21 to purchase LifeStyle-Excess.


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Questor launches LifeStyle-Excess Insurance
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