PruHealth to launch new personal healthcare plan

PruHealth is to launch its new Personal Healthcare plan on 01 March 2011, providing comprehensive and flexible cover for individuals.

This is the first product launch from the new PruHealth business since the acquisition of Standard Life Healthcare in August 2010. It builds upon the core strengths of leading service delivery, product innovation and wellness to create a flexible healthcare solution for individuals.

Neville Koopowitz at PruHealth says, "We strive to be the best health insurer in the UK and our new range of plans are a major part of achieving that goal.  We have worked with and listened to our customers to ensure the new product meets their health and wellness needs. Through our commitment to transparency there will be no hidden surprises. Many individuals do not realise they are not fully covered until they experience a shortfall, by which time it's too late. When we say full cover we really mean it and customers will not be left out of pocket. Wellness is at the heart of what we believe in. Finding a way to motivate change in lifestyle is the biggest hurdle we face as a society but using incentives to encourage people to look after their health and wellbeing is an extremely powerful motivator."

The Personal Healthcare plan offers a comprehensive range of options that puts individuals in control, with the ability to create a plan suitable to their needs and budget. Starting with Core Cover customers can then choose from a menu of Cover enhancements, excess levels, hospital lists, and underwriting options to build the product that best suits them.  The result is a plan unique to the individual and has the flexibility to be altered if their needs change.

Personal Healthcare will offer access to the latest drugs and treatments available with no specialist fee limits and costs paid in full if included on the plan. Customers can be confident there will be no unexpected shortfalls.

All will benefit from access to PruHealth's Vitality programme that includes activities and partner discounts that help members get and stay healthy. By completing the online health review assessment, customers can discover their Vitality age, reflecting overall health and wellbeing, and set goals on how to improve their health and fitness. Other activities include downloading healthy meal plans, using a pedometer and attending discounted health screenings. Those who take part in the Vitality programme will earn Vitality Points that contribute towards a cash-back payment in the third year, if the individual has reached Silver status or above.

People looking to boost their healthy activity can select Vitality+ as an additional enhancement. Vitality+ focuses on two key areas that can help improve health - exercising and eating well. Members will benefit from reduced gym membership fees of up to 50 % at Virgin Active and LA Fitness. PruHealth has enhanced its Vitality partnership with Sainsbury's so when customers buy from a range of healthy foods from Sainsbury's - not only fruit and vegetables as before - they will earn Vitality points as well as five times the usual number of Nectar points for their healthy food choices.

For complex claims, such as cancer, customers will be directed to PruCare, a managed care team of nurses and experienced case managers who will give their claims the extra care and attention that is appropriate.

Up until 28th February 2010 PruHealth and PruHealth Previously Standard Life Healthcare will continue to sell the existing healthcare plans for the two businesses. Existing policies will be serviced in exactly the same way before the acquisition to provide continuity and avoid confusion. PruHealth plan to start offering the new plans to existing policyholders later in 2011.


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PruHealth to launch new personal healthcare plan
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