Prostate cancer risks 'could be lowered with exercise'

The risk of death from prostate cancer could be reduced by taking regular exercise.

Recent research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has revealed that undertaking exercise such as biking, tennis or jogging for more than three hours a week could "substantially improve" the survival chances of cancer patients.

However, Emma Malcolm, chief executive of Prostate Action, warned people not to make any sudden changes to their routine.

She explained that it would be "unwise for anyone, regardless of their health status, to race headlong into an intensive fitness regime without some preparation".

Ms Malcolm added: "If you have been living a relatively sedentary life and want to change your lifestyle, that's fantastic, but take it slowly.

"Building up your fitness levels a day at a time is a safe way to better fitness."

The comments follow a survey conducted by Cancer Research UK, which found that cancer is the number one fear among people in the UK.

However, around a third of those questioned said that developing the disease is down to fate and that there is nothing they can do to prevent it.



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Prostate cancer risks 'could be lowered with exercise'
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