Professional tooth whitening

Treatments to improve the colour of teeth should ideally be carried out by a professional, a private dental practice has advised.

A spokesperson for the Mermaid Clinic said that, although there are health risks associated with tooth whitening kits, these are not an issue "as long as it is done under control, by a professional".

"First of all, the advantage of going to a dentist to have tooth whitening is to control the procedure, to control that you do not swallow the material, which is very important.

"Secondly, I think it is important that the dentist controls the use of the material so that it is not exaggerated to avoid damage to the enamel," the spokesperson explained.

A recent report has suggested that tooth whitening treatments can damage the enamel, but the Mermaid Clinic stresses that bleach can only cause this kind of damage if it is used too frequently or at extreme concentrations.

"There is no damage, in my opinion, to the enamel or to the gum or to the soft tissue if it is done under proper control by a professional," the expert added.


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Professional tooth whitening
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