Probiotics 'may aid weight loss' after obesity surgery

Scientists have found that patients who take probiotics after undergoing obesity surgery may lose more weight than those who do not.

Researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine analysed 42 patients who had undergone gastric bypass surgery, half of whom received daily probiotics.

They found that six months after their surgery, patients who were given probiotics benefited from greater gastrointestinal-related quality of life.

They also had lower levels of hydrogen in their breath, which suggests a reduction in conditions that cause gastrointestinal symptoms.

Perhaps most importantly, however, was the discovery that patients who took probiotics lost more weight after surgery than those who did not.

Dr John Morton, associate professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, commented: "Finding that probiotics can actually enhance weight loss was an unexpected result.

"There is no magic bullet for fighting obesity, but this simple dietary supplement may be one more weapon we can add to our arsenal."


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Probiotics 'may aid weight loss' after obesity surgery