Private BMI clinic offers effective thread vein treatment

Thread vein sufferers can now visit a private clinic and undergo a safe and effective treatment to address the problem.

The BMI McIndoe Surgical Centre is offering a form of painless injection sclerotherapy which can be performed in just 30 minutes and provides a solution for unsightly thread veins.

Claire Judge, a specialist sclerotherapy practitioner at the private clinic, revealed that demand for the procedure has been "overwhelming" so far this summer.

"Sclerotherapy uses a safe, well established drug which works by destroying the lining of the vein and is then absorbed into the body over a period of two to three months," she revealed.

"Although every patient is different, on completion you should expect an improvement in the overall appearance of 60 to 80 per cent."

The treatment costs as little as £210 per session and the number of treatments depends on the type and number of veins that need addressing.


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Private BMI clinic offers effective thread vein treatment
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