'Prevention is vital' in sexual health issues

An international HIV and AIDS charity has called for people to place more emphasis on prevention when dealing with sexual health conditions.

Annabel Kanabus, director of Avert, made her comments following the presentation of results from the US military-led Prime-Boost HIV vaccine clinical trials in Thailand.

A researcher working on the project said there is evidence that the medication is a "significant step" in the research of HIV medication.

Ms Kanabus pointed out that vaccines can take a long time to develop, so even if a scientist estimates that it might be ready in five years, it may take ten or fifteen.

She said: "As an organisation we have been particularly saying and are still saying that you need to remember about prevention."

There can often be a split between those organisations that are looking to treat patients with HIV and those who are looking to prevent it, with not enough funding available to support both sides, she added.



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'Prevention is vital' in sexual health issues
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