Poor research may lead to cosmetic surgery regret

A significant proportion of cosmetic surgery patients are disappointed with the outcome of their procedures, with most failing to carry out basic research into their surgeons, research has found.

A poll of 1,235 UK patients found that 61 per cent were not totally happy with the results of their cosmetic surgery, while nearly one in five admitted that they felt regretful.

Two-fifths explained that they had been forced to revisit their surgeon because of the disappointing results.

While the vast majority - 93 per cent - had carried out research into the procedure itself and its possible side-effects before going under the knife, just 16 per cent had taken the time to read up on the cosmetic surgeon involved.

Christiana Clogg, co-founder of, which carried out the research, commented: "These results show why it is absolutely key to know everything about the surgeon and the practice carrying out your procedure.

"Sometimes cost can become the most important factor and low prices can be dazzling, taking priority over creditability and experience."

Ms Clogg added that a person's decision should be based on "independent advice, from people who have no financial gain on whether the procedure goes ahead or who performs it".

A recent survey by the Harley Medical Group revealed that 15 per cent of women do not tell their families about their cosmetic surgery, while 27 per cent do not discuss their surgery with their friends.


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Poor research may lead to cosmetic surgery regret