Plantarian foods 'are vital in modern diets'

People should still maintain five portions of fruit and vegetables a day despite recent cancer links.

This is the opinion of UK Harley Street nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston. She stated that plantarian foods such as fruit and vegetables are the most effective way of consuming vital nutrients and antioxidants.

The nutritionist's comments came after researchers found differing results when investigating food and veg consumption's connection with the chances of developing colorectal cancer (CRC).

Broccoli and other brassica vegetables were found to lower the risk while fruit juices increased the chances of developing rectal cancer.

The amount of poor quality foods we eat such as high-fat, nutrient-depleted junk foods mean the health benefits associated with plantarian substances are vital, said Ms Bishop-Weston.

The more plantarian foods you eat, the greater chance you have of getting a full complement of all the different nutrients and antioxidants on offer, she added. 


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Plantarian foods 'are vital in modern diets'
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