Pioneering eye surgery performed at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

A leading surgeon at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital has carried out a pioneering procedure that could revolutionise eye surgery.

Bobby Qureshi, medical director of the London Eye Hospital, performed the operation, in which the patient was given a Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) implant.

The implant is the most technologically advanced on the market and can be altered after surgery to improve the patient's vision.

Mr Qureshi described the advance as "probably the biggest breakthrough in cataract surgery for decades".

He claimed: "We have the potential here to change patients' vision to how it was when they were young.

"The change is so accurate that we can even make the lens bifocal or varifocal, so as well as giving them good vision at distance, we can give them good vision for reading."

Figures from Bupa suggest that around one-third of over-65s have cataracts in one or both eyes.

The condition occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, reducing the person's ability to see things in focus.


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Pioneering eye surgery performed at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital
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