Pinehill Hospital Consultant is Spokesman For National 'Blood in the pee' Campaign

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Mr Nikhil Vasdev, Consultant Urology Surgeon from Pinehill Hospital has been selected to be a spokesperson for Be Clear on Cancer ‘blood in pee’ campaign aimed at raising awareness of bladder and kidney cancer symptoms, and encourage those with symptoms to visit their GP.

Blood in the urine can be an early symptom of bladder and kidney cancer. Each year, around 17,450 people in England are diagnosed with bladder or kidney cancers and approximately 7,600 die from these cancers. On ITV News Mr Nikhil Vasdev said that diagnosing both cancers at an early stage improves both short term and long term survival rates. Speaking about the campaign, Mr Nikhil Vasdev said “The blood in pee campaign highlights the importance of seeking medical advice if this symptom arises. Bladder and kidney cancers can cause blood in the pee, hence, it is crucial to raise the importance of recognising the symptoms. The key is to get a diagnosis quickly, and if either bladder or kidney cancer is diagnosed, patients can have prompt treatment which can improve patient outcomes from the perspective of immediate cure and hopefully improve long term outcomes as well”

The campaign’s key message is 'If you notice blood in your pee, even if it’s ‘just the once’, tell your doctor’. The additional message from the campaign is “look before you flush”.

To support this NHS Campaign, Pinehill Hospital has launched a Haematuria clinic enabling patients to see a Consultant, go through a number of tests and checks and receive the results the same day. Patients who are concerned should see their GP at the earliest opportunity. Those who are self paying or who have private insurance, can see Mr Vasdev quickly. They will have blood and urine tests, X-ray, ultrasound and a flexible cystoscopy (where a tube is inserted under a local anaesthetic to look at the bladder), and receive the results the same day.

Mr Vasdev was interviewed on Bob FM and spoke on ITV Anglia News about the campaign on 16th February 2016. His article on the campaign was published in the Daily Express on 17th February 2016.

The message from Pinehill Hospital is “If you see blood in your pee, even if it’s the once, please see your doctor”. Anyone wishing to see Mr Vasdev can make an appointment without seeing their GP first by calling 01462 427221.

Mr Vasdev's TV and radio broadcasts and the Daily Express article can be found by following the links below.


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Pinehill Hospital Consultant is Spokesman For National 'Blood in the pee' Campaign

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