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10 school children from St Cecelia’s Primary School have been selected to show their artwork on the walls of the new operating theatre building at Spire St Anthony’s Hospital. They were awarded prizes for their pictures by the Mayor of the London Borough of Sutton, Councillor Jean Crosby, before being taken on a tour of the new operating theatres, the musculoskeletal department and the 11-bed children’s ward.

The children attended an open day organised by the team at Spire St Anthony’s. The operating theatres were closed for a few hours so invited guests could view what is one of the most innovative and technologically advanced clinical environments in the South.

Guests included local dignitaries, the Sisters of the Daughters of the Cross, who established the hospital, and people involved in the local healthcare community.

The new facilities include: six operating theatres; a hybrid theatre with imaging equipment that enables clinicians to look at live imagery as they operate; a new post anaesthetic care unit with eight adult and one dedicated paediatric bay and an advanced musculoskeletal suite, including the latest gym and rehabilitation equipment.

Mrs Pat Clark was amongst the guests who toured the hospital, she commented: “I would definitely choose to come here for an operation, it feels very safe.”

COO of Spire Healthcare, Catherine Mason presented a cheque from St Anthony’s to the Y5 teacher Mrs Scripps. This donation will be invested in new library books for a recently developed area in the school, dedicated to reading.

Mr Bryan Harty, Hospital Director, said:

“It has been a wonderful day showcasing the hospital and celebrating an exciting new chapter for this historically significant and distinguished hospital. It has been particularly special to have the children here as well, who have helped to make this area so welcoming with their beautiful artwork.

“The extensive investment in the hospital means our patients, young and old, are now benefiting from an exceptional clinical environment which is attracting the best surgeons in the region.

“Our surgeons can carry out highly complex procedures with the added confidence that they are using the latest equipment and our 24-hour Intensive Care Unit means we can support patients with more complex needs post-surgery.”

The hospital was established in 1904 by the Sisters of the Daughters of the Cross and has expanded regularly to meet the ever-increasing need for local health care and nursing. Back in the 1970’s the Sisters challenged conventional hospital design by introducing single occupancy rooms for patients, long before they were considered by other hospitals when large wards were the norm. Without doubt, the now fully functioning new facilities once again defy conventional design and create an environment that not only attracts the best consultants and clinical teams but meets the needs of growing patient numbers.

The new facilities include:

  • Six new operating theatres, including a hybrid theatre with imaging equipment enabling the clinicians to look at live imagery as they operate
  • A new post anaesthetic care unit with eight adult and one dedicated paediatric bay
  • An advanced musculoskeletal suite, including the latest gym and rehabilitation equipment  
  • A new sterile services unit with the latest decontamination equipment

The hospital also offers:

  • Dedicated paediatric areas with child friendly services – one of the few private hospitals offering this service between London and the South coast
  • Highly complex and minimally invasive procedures e.g. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) and Endovascular Stent Repair of Abdominal Aneurysm (EVAR).
  • A 24-hour Intensive Care Unit which includes eight beds offering support to patients with more complex needs post-surgery

The investment does not stop here. Later this year there will be:

  • A new MRI suite, including provision of cardiac MRI
  • Wards refurbishment
  • Consulting room refurbishment


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