Patients urged to consider surgery's psychological effects

Consumers who are thinking of going under the knife to enhance their appearance are being urged to consider the psychological consequences if things were to go wrong.

According to Felicity Quigley, editor of Looking Good BuyAssociation, cosmetic surgery carries a risk in the same way as all surgical procedures.

However, many patients do not think about how they would feel if the procedure did not turn out as they expected.

Ms Quigley said that the impact of botched cosmetic surgery can be "absolutely staggering".

"If somebody has a bad cosmetic surgery procedure, afterwards not only have you had a physical effect on yourself; it's also psychological," she noted.

"You're going to be angry [and] you're going to have issues with trust in terms of other surgeons. So it can have a profound psychological effect on you. You need to be really aware of that before you go into surgery anywhere."

A recent study by Which? magazine found that the majority of people who went abroad for cosmetic surgery were very satisfied with their treatment, although more than a quarter claimed that the after-care had been inadequate.


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Patients urged to consider surgery's psychological effects
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