Parents lack basic first aid knowledge

British parents are largely ill-equipped to cope with medical or health emergencies in the home, the British Red Cross has warned.

The charity's comments come on the back of a new report from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) which revealed that each year in the UK around two million children have to visit accident and emergency departments with an unintentional injury.

The UK technical support office for the British Red Cross, Andrew Farrar, has stated that many parents lack the knowledge to deal with even the most common types of medical emergencies.

"Six out of ten parents wouldn't even know how to deal with a choking child if a child stops breathing," he said.

"There were some statistics released a couple of weeks ago which said, nine out of ten parents wouldn't know how to cope with their child if they had an asthma attack. So no there isn't enough awareness out there," he added.

The NICE report also called for the introduction of new regulations that would make the fitting of permanent safety equipment mandatory in all social and renting housing where children live.


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Parents lack basic first aid knowledge
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