The option for private maternity care comes to a number of NHS hospitals

Leading provider of private maternity care, UK Birth Centres, has teamed up with a number of NHS Hospitals to provide additional choice for mums-to-be. Now, in a model of care unique to UK Birth Centres, mums-to-be can choose to have private midwifery care in addition to, or in place of NHS midwifery care.

The agreement gives greater choice to pregnant women to create a plan of care that is right for them, with the option to receive care in their own homes at a time and place convenient to them, including evening and weekends.

Throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond the same midwife is present, building a relationship of trust and confidence. UK Birth Centres are experts in providing holistic care and promoting normality. However, the ability to link in seamlessly with the NHS services means that additional expertise is on hand should this become necessary.

As the only fully insured UK wide provider of private maternity care, UK Birth Centres pride themselves in supporting mums-to-be in their choices; leading to a positive birth experience. Their unique relationship with the NHS means that all mums can receive their support and continuity of care, irrespective of other risk factors that may be present.

In this new model, birth can be supported at home or at an NHS Hospita / birth centrel, with mums cared for by their UK Birth Centres midwife. For mums where additional expertise is needed or advised, care can be provided by excellent NHS staff in the obstetric units, with the UK Birth Centres’ midwife being present throughout to provide additional support.

Once the baby has been born, daily care from the UK Birth Centres midwife continues, whether the new mum is at home or in hospital. These regular visits, as well as knowing that their midwife is only ever a phone call away, help to overcome any challenges during pregnancy or with breastfeeding, helping women to develop in confidence and offering all the long-term benefits to both mum and baby. If mum is in hospital, UK Birth Centres again work alongside the NHS team to ensure all mum and baby needs are met providing intensive individualized support in hospital and at home.

Assessed and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) UK Birth Centres is the only national fully insured private maternity care provider to cover all aspects of midwifery and child birth, even within an NHS hospital, offering high quality, individualised, safe care to all mums and their babies

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The option for private maternity care comes to a number of NHS hospitals