Online lung cancer treatment information better in US than Japan

Individuals receiving lung cancer treatment are more likely to find good quality information while surfing the internet if they live in the US, compared to cancer patients in Japan.

This is the finding of a team of researchers at the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo.

They looked at 150 websites using Google and Yahoo search engines and discovered that while 80 per cent of US Google sites contained the most up-to-date information on treatments, only 50 per cent of sites brought up by Japanese search engines did so.

Dr Goto commented: "The internet can be a valuable source of health information, but with the expanding global online community it has become a challenge to discern the quality of the information available."

He added that by urging web users to be selective when performing searches, those with such skills will be able to make an informed decision about the accuracy and reliability of the content they are viewing.

Lung cancer is the cause of death of 1.3 million people in the world every year.


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Online lung cancer treatment information better in US than Japan
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