Obesity treatment needs motivation

People need to be motivated to make obesity treatment work and subsequently halt the growing number of cases of the lifestyle disorder in the UK.

This is the opinion of Dr Hilary Jones, who thinks eating habits have got out of control because people are consuming too much high-calorie junk food and are not participating in enough exercise.

People just need to eat smaller amounts of healthier food and start incorporating regular exercise into their daily routine, stated Dr Jones.

"It really isn't rocket science; this is possible. It just takes an element of motivation to start doing it for a month or so and then you are in the groove," he added.

A government-commissioned report found that if current trends continue, 50 per cent of women and 60 per cent of men will suffer with obesity problems by 2050.

According to the Department of Health, obesity leads to a higher risk of type-2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. 


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Obesity treatment needs motivation
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