Obesity fight 'should begin with toddlers'

Obesity treatment could be avoided if parents take a more prominent role in their children's fitness.

Author of Toddlers: An Instruction Manual Joanne Mallon said as soon as children are able to walk they should be encouraged to do so.

She believes toddlers are naturally active and would enjoy participating in shorter walks, but parents' reliance on buggies and pushchairs mean the children spend less time walking than they should.

Anne Milton, the minister for public health, recently called on mothers and fathers to take more responsibility for their offspring's health as one in five ten and 11-year-olds in the UK are now obese.

"Encouraging children to walk is one way of getting the whole family to take more exercise," said Ms Milton.

Ms Mallon agrees with the politician and stated that if a child is more active they are also more likely to have improved sleeping habits and healthier appetites.


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Obesity fight 'should begin with toddlers'
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