No regulation for dentists who offer botox

Consumers who are considering visiting a private dentist for non-dental procedures, such as botox, should bear in mind that dental professionals are not subject to formal regulation in this field, the General Dental Council (GDC) has said.

A spokesperson for the dental council explained that botox treatment is not part of regular dentistry and that the GDC therefore does not have the powers to decide who can and cannot provide such treatments.

The spokesperson commented: "We expect all dental professionals to practise within the framework of our professional guidance, Standards for Dental Professionals, including when providing non-dental treatments or procedures such as botox."

Dentists who are considering offering botox are advised to check the GDC's guidance, which states that dental professionals must "put patients' interests before their own or those of any colleague, organisation or business", the spokesperson said.

Consumers are advised to check the credentials of dentists before agreeing to have work done, particularly for unregulated non-cosmetic procedures.

Reputable non-surgical clinics will be registered with the Healthcare Commission, guaranteeing stringent policies and protocols to ensure patients' wellbeing.


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No regulation for dentists who offer botox
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