New Vitality GP service launched by VitalityHealth

A new Vitality GP service has been launched by VitalityHealth. It aims to transform the health insurer’s ability to deliver primary care benefits that members can readily access.

VitalityHealth now offers and funds three choices of GP access for every member, the only organisation to do so. The GP services on offer are face-to-face, video-call and 24-hour phone advice. An enhanced Vitality GP app is due to deliver the service.

VitalityHealth members that use the app will also have access to a number of other types of care and advice. Members will be able to self-refer for Priority Physio services, access mental health support, and source a range of trusted information and advice through the app. The app is delivered by one of the UK’s largest telemedicine providers, Square Health, a health-tech and healthcare provider.

Positioned at the centre of Vitality’s private healthcare offering, Vitality GP enables GPs to refer patients for minor diagnostic tests, prescribe medication and make referrals into consultant care without an NHS referral. Vitality GPs will continue to consult with patients regarding wellness also, in-particular their lifestyle choices and the long-term effect of these lifestyle choices on their health.

Clinical Operations Director, Dr Ali Hasan, commented: "We are very excited to launch the new Vitality GP service. This is a transformation of our successful integrated GP proposition and it makes it even easier for our members to access our best-in-class healthcare. At VitalityHealth, we don’t see ourselves as just funders of care, but also as trusted providers of advice for our members. We want to help them navigate the healthcare system and, of course, to ultimately achieve the best health outcome possible. Our updated Vitality GP is the next evolution of our approach – a health concierge in your hands."

Executive Chairman of Square Health, Dr Bippon Vinayak, added: "At Square Health we have developed a ‘Clinic in a Pocket’ app and platform which acts as a framework to allow us to build bespoke and white-labelled mobile healthcare solutions for our corporate customers. We are delighted to have partnered with VitalityHealth to extend and enhance their offering by developing a custom solution tailored to VitalityHealth’s unique proposition. This is the beginning of an exciting journey and we very much look forward to the next phase of development."

The launch supports VitalityHealth’s goal to enhance and protect people’s lives by helping make people healthier. Vitality GP is the next advancement of the health insurer’s virtual GP service which launched back in June 2015. Since its launch, almost 50,000 video consultations have been conducted by Vitality GP.

VitalityHealth members also have access to Vitality GP as a core part of their benefit, it is available through Android and iOS devices.


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New Vitality GP service launched by VitalityHealth