New Heart Monitor for Essex patients

Thursday 10 March 2016

New Heart Monitor for Essex patients  is now available at Orwell  Private Patient Unit.

Patients in Essex now have access to the ZIO® XT Patch which is a new way of monitoring heart rhythms. The ZIO® XT patch, unlike other heart monitors, is small and light weight, has no wires and  can be worn whilst patients are sleeping , showering and doing moderate exercise.

The prescription–only monitor which is discrete to wear can be worn up to 14 days and has a large button on top for patients to capture symptomatic events.

The ZIO® XT patch can be fitted in a matter of minutes, so there is no need for a long hospital appointment and patients can have them fitted at a time convenient to them. There is also no need to come  to have the monitor removed, patients just mail it back in a pre-paid box where it is analysed  by specially trained cardiac technicians and a report sent back to the referring GP or consultant within days.

Studies have shown that recording heart rhythm information continuously  for  up to 14 days can help doctors identify whether patients have an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) or not.

Signs of irregular heart rhythms

- Palpitations

- Dizziness/vertigo/light-headedness

- Loss of consciousness

- Shortness of breath

- Fatigue

If you have any of these symptoms, please ask your doctor about ZIO® XT patch.

About Orwell Private Patient Unit

The Orwell Private Patient Unit is a leading private patient facility situated within the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre located within the grounds of Basildon University Hospital. This private unit is a dedicated facility managed and staffed by Ramsay Health Care.

For more information about Orwell PPU or to book an appointment with a consultant cardiologist*, please call 01268 242 044.

*Please note that a GP referral may be needed for an appointment for an initial consultation.


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