New drugs combination trialed against lung cancer

A new cancer treatment trial will aim to observe how effective a combination of drugs is in tackling non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

The Cancer Research UK investigation will take place across three UK hospitals and be split into two stages.

Initially, patients with solid tumours will be administered vandetanib and an investigational drug called selumentinib, before people with NSCLC receive the same combination.

NSCLC accounts for around 85 per cent of lung cancer cases and survival rates are still low, but it is hoped these trials will identify new cancer weak spots.

"Therapies for lung cancer often become ineffective because the disease becomes resistant to treatment," said chief investigator Dr Denis Talbot.

According to the charity, around 30,000 people are diagnosed annually with lung cancer - the second most common form of the disease in the UK - but many of these incidences are identified too late for current treatments to be effective.



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New drugs combination trialed against lung cancer
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