New drug development could lead to more cancer treatments

A new cancer treatment development system could lead to more innovative and effective drug discoveries.

This is the prominent finding of research carried out by scientists searching for new cancer drugs at St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The system, which combines the latest drug screening technology with the first accurate model of a tumour, identified several dozen new drugs for ependymona, a rare tumour that affects the central nervous system and had few previous treatment options.

Researchers now hope to use the same system to increase chemotherapy options for other forms of cancer.

"This approach should significantly advance the efficiency and speed with which we discover and develop new treatments for rare cancers and cancer subtypes," they said.

Cancer Research UK estimates there are 309,500 new incidences of cancer each year in the UK with the survival rates of most types of cancer increasing over the last ten years. 


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New drug development could lead to more cancer treatments
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