New cosmetic surgery treatment can 'melt away fat cells'

A new non-invasive cosmetic surgery treatment could offer a way of reducing fat cells.

Carboxytherapy involves the injection of carbon dioxide just below the skin in order to melt away layers of fat, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

The news source also revealed that the procedure can tackle stretch marks, tighten skin and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

It works by dilating blood vessels and boosting the flow of oxygen to the problem area.

The news comes as Sally Penford, education manager for the International Dermal Institute, claimed that people are a lot more aware of what they are using on their skin.

She added that people are more "ingredient-savvy" when it comes to cosmetic products, which allows them to take greater notice of labels and make "good decisions".

Carboxytherapy sessions cost between £100 and £150 a session. The deepest stretch marks are estimated to take around a dozen treatments to solve.


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New cosmetic surgery treatment can 'melt away fat cells'
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