MRI scans can help in all breast cancer surgeries

MRI scans have proved to be a valuable pre-op tool for surgeons treating breast cancer patients.

A new study by scientists working at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven found that the diagnostic imaging technique was equally effective at identifying additional tumours and high risk lesions in both breasts categorised as dense and non-dense.

Reena Vashi, one of the authors of the study, said that there are no existing guidelines for surgeons when determining whether a MRI test should be performed.

"However, anecdotally, we know that preoperative MRI tests tend to be ordered more frequently in younger patients and/or patients with dense breast tissue," she added.

Doctors studied 127 cases and observed that 3T MRI exams detected additional malignancies in 26 per cent of women who had breasts that were not considered dense and in 25 per cent of patients with dense breasts.

Dr Vashi believes these results suggest that MRI tests should not be dependent on breast density.


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MRI scans can help in all breast cancer surgeries
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